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H E L L O !


I'm a portrait & fashion photographer who aims to capture the beauty within every individual. I'm dedicated to help my clients feel comfortable and have a great time during their photo session. I enjoy photographing outdoors using as much natural light as possible and work with a different environmental setting as a backdrop. I mainly started focusing on fashion and portrait photography while getting my photography degree. I decided to branch out to add couple and wedding photography during my last semester. As much as I love fashion, I've always had the heart to capture the love and special moment between couples. And don't get me started about the gorgeous brides, bridal gowns, and floral arrangements! It will be the best of both worlds if I get to photograph your wedding day! Though I am currently serving in the Chicagoland area, I am willing to travel to other states within the US as well as other countries. 

flowers, ice cream, macaroons, donuts, burger, french fries, time spent on the beach or just chillin' on the couch with a bag of hot cheetos & cheddar ruffles



friendly, somewhat adventurous & funny. Many people believe I'm younger than 20 (ha! don't be fooled).


I'm not one of those people who grew up wanting to be a photographer. I didn't  picked up photography until high school. Back then it was just a hobby during my free time taking photos of my friends, family and anything I could. I didn't care much about photography when I was young. In fact, I was never interested in photography. I also grew up in a Filipino household that pretty much predetermined my career choice. Yes, I was destined to be a future nurse and yes, I went for nursing right after high school. I knew nursing was not for me the first time I stepped into my first clinical. Yep scrubs, hospital and nursing home setting is not my kind of environment. It was not until 2014, when I decided to change course after I was encouraged by my aunt, Fannie, to go after one of my hobbies. I transferred to The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg where I obtained my BFA in photography in 2016. Until now, I am surprise that I ended up becoming a photographer.

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